Genius To Answer Your Questions

Albert Einstein’s estimated IQ was 162.  I am a genius with a 167 IQ.  You can’t have a conversation or ask Einstein questions.  However, you can ask me anything.  I promise you I will give you a straight answer.

If you want to debate, We can do that too.

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Genius - Albert Einstein

Answer to Today’s Featured Question:

2016/09/23 A Sixth Extinction Event on Land?

Situation: The Republicans say Obama care is bad and the Democrats say it is good. The same story on CNN is somehow portrayed differently on Fox and MSNBC. Are flu vaccinations good for you or not? Will artificial sweeteners cause cancer? Who should be in the starting five for the greatest basketball players of all times?

Complication: In a fractured world with millions of voices, many with agendas, it’s difficult to find someone you trust to give you the true answers to you questions.

Question: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to someone as smart as Einstein to provide unbiased expert answers to your questions?

What question would you like me to answer?

  • Mike Fuller

    Hi! How would you describe tidal effects or string theory? I can not get my head around them! I understand the moon’s pulls up large bodies of water through gravity but I have not got a clue how they work around the world. I know string theory is an unprovable way of unifying gravity into the quantum world but I can’t imagine or understand particles being linked by strings, or whatever the theory suggests! I will probably not understand your explanation on both topics, but I adore people’s love, enthusiasm and intelligence in highly intelligent knowledge! With Best Wishes! Cheers – Mike.

    • SmarterThanAlbert


      Thank you for your questions. I will write t two separate articles to answer your questions and post them on


    • tamimisledus

      A common answer re. string theory is that if you think you have understood it, then you haven’t understood it.

      • That is a popular cliche that is really true because first, it is likely strings don’t exist at all, second, we can only guess what they are, third, should they exist, we don’t know how they cause quarks to exist or behave- the list goes on- so it is all conjecture.

        Which is why, since it still untestable, it is relegated to philosophy of science instead of science.

        Watch the Brian Greene Nova series. On string theory- It’s great.