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2016 Person of The Year – Smarter Than Albert Selection

Who Do I Pick for Person of the Year, 2016?

There have been numerous discoveries, inventions and events in 2016.

I was asked who my pick for man or woman of the year might be. Personally for person of the year I favor discoveries and accomplishments that benefit or are likely to benefit humanity as opposed to someone sensationalized by the media.

Let’s review some really cool things we’ve seen happen this past 12 months.

This year a team led by Peter Kazansky from Southampton University developed a way to store 5 dimensional diskdata without it degrading. They use a quarter sized Nano structured “5 dimensional” glass disk that can hold 360 TB of data uncompromised for an estimated 13.8 billion years! That’s rather impressive.

I can remember all those science fiction movies about space made in the 1950’s, where all the rockets took off and returned, landing on their tail fins.

George Pal movies like “Destination Moon” come to mind. This year for the very first time, in spite of NASA being able to send our space craft throughout our solar system, Elon Musks’s Space X successfully vertically landed a rocket.  To make it more difficult the landing pad was floating on the ocean.


Carbon capture must become part of mitigating future effects on climate. Whether you do or don’t believe humankind contributes to climate change, our obligation for future generations is still to mitigate as much as possible, any negative effects, and hence slow down the speed of that change.

Juerg M. Matter, Martin Stute, Sandra O. Snaebjornsdottir, and others on their team, all scientists in Iceland have found a way to pump carbon dioxide into volcanic rock and turn it into limestone. In nature this process takes hundreds of thousands of years. Theirs takes about two years to complete. This is important because gas turned into rock won’t easily be reintroduced into our atmosphere. Co2 turned into rock will likely stay that way.

Ken Prehoda a biochemist at the University of Oregon and his team, discovered this year that around 600 million years ago, a minor change in a molecule termed GK-PID likely allowed single cell organisms to develop into multicellular organisms.

The molecule allows cells to pull chromosomes together to line their cell walls allowing perfect copies when they split and divide.  It is believed that while multicellularity has occurred and been lost before in earth’s history, this “event” led to the life we see on earth today.

How cool is that? You can read about it here.

So of these events which is most significant and will have the greatest impact on us all?

I think carbon sequester by creating limestone. You can read about it here


So my person of the year for 2016 are the following persons:

Juerg M. Matter, Martin Stute, Sandra Ó. Snæbjörnsdottir, Eric H. Oelkers, Sigurdur R. Gislason, Edda S. Aradottir, Bergur Sigfusson, Ingvi Gunnarsson, Holmfridur Sigurdardottir, Einar Gunnlaugsson, Gudni Axelsson, Helgi A. Alfredsson, Domenik Wolff-Boenisch, Kiflom Mesfin, Diana Fernandez de la Reguera Taya, Jennifer Hall, Knud Dideriksen, and Wallace S. Broecker.

Congratulations all.

Who would you have picked for the 2016 person of the year? Let us hear from you.



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