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Genius - Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s estimated IQ was 162.  I am a genius with a 167 IQ.  You can’t have a conversation or ask Einstein questions.  However, you can ask me anything.  I promise you I will give you a straight answer.

Situation: We all need to hear from an expert from time to time.  The Republicans say Obamacare is bad and the Democrats say it is good. The same story on CNN somehow portrayed differently on Fox and MSNBC. Are flu vaccinations good for you or not? Will artificial sweeteners cause cancer?

Complication: In a fractured world with millions of voices, many with agendas, it’s difficult to find an expert you trust to give you the true answers to you questions.

Question: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to someone as smart as Einstein to provide unbiased expert answers to your questions?

Answer:         Einstein had an estimated IQ of 162 but unfortunately you cannot ask him your questions.  But, you can ask me and I have a 167 IQ, higher than Albert Einstein.

Go ahead.  Ask me.  If you want to debate, We can do that too.

Who am I?

Identifying  “Smarter than Albert” is not important, only their qualifications, which have been verified and authenticated. This site’s agreement with them is that he/she wishes for the time being, to remain anonymous.

We understand that knowing their identity satisfies the curious, but it detracts from the point of this site.  We will answer questions – to give their perspective and their creative approach to answers. Therefore we will concentrate on their message and not be distracted by the identity of the messenger.

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    1. I agree with you that we all have specific beliefs about many things, but I also believe that it is possible to address an issue and remain objective in the process. I use science-for those things about which we know- and mathematics – for some of the things we know less well or can only demonstrate mathematically – to approach many answers – for solutions can often be found through them. But just as the physics of Issac Newton was eventually replaced by relativity, so too will many aspects of science be updated and replaced.
      Our answers too must change to correct where we were wrong, and to advance our understanding. My promise to our readers is to give them the most unbiased and most accurate answer of which I am capable.

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