Raising Your Kids. What advice would I you give you?

What advice would I give you about raising your kids?  Hold them close and love them as you have never loved before.  Read to them before they understand  the children’s stories you are reading to them and make it a daily event.

raising your kidsTeach your kids values- right and wrong from an early age. Reward and praise your kids for good acts rather than punish them for the ones that are not. But speak to them and explain why an act is wrong. Time-outs work.

Spend lots of time taking them to learn and do things. Go to museums, and expose them to art and music, as well as sports that make them healthy and strong.

You may get tired of soccer games, or what not, but there will be a day when you will look back and miss your kids.  Eat dinner together every night as often as you can and ask and LISTEN to them and learn about their day.

Participate in their school events and meet with their teachers.

Starting in 4th grade consider recruiting tutors to teach your kids math, science and English and take them from where they are now and  tutor them up to two years ahead. It’s never to late to start with tutors if your kids are past 4th grade. You can start NOW. 

By the time they take the course work in school it will be only a review.

They will already know the material. They will rise to the top of their class, get great grades, have enormous self confidence and love school instead of fearing it.

raising your kidsContinue keeping tutors until your children finish High School. They may well be able to take honors courses or AP (advanced placement) or baccalaureate course work.

They will be well qualified to go to a great college and will likely get in to several excellent schools.

Children grow up very quickly. Always be there to address issues. Have their friends over to your house so that you can keep an eye out for those you wish to weed out as bad influences.

The first twelve years goes by quickly, and soon after many will want to spend time with their friends not you. Soon after, they are in high school and then are off to college, so enjoy every minute.

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