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What Does It Take To Be A Good Neighbor?

Ideally a good neighbor is there for you when you need them and invisible the rest of the time.

Yes, that sounds anti-social. But then, you don’t live next to my neighbors. The previous ones used to play their music too loud and entertain well past what any decent person would do.

goodneighborThis was occasionally punctuated with the man’s wife standing topless on the top of their rock feature before plunging into their pool- no you didn’t want to see that either.

I am not a fan of officious intermeddling. I don’t like people poking their nose in my business unless invited to do so. To clarify, I have no objection to someone bringing something to my attention that needs it. I am, however not interested in their editorial on some aspect of my life and how I should live it.

My neighbor down the street has it good- the house next door to him is vacant.

I ask you, how am I supposed to conduct a thought experiment when I am assaulted by some inconsiderate persons booming base notes coming from next door? I like to relax in my backyard and write these articles.

I know of many people who adore their neighbors. They are best of friends until they are not. Rather than grow to like someone just to later loath them seems like adding an extra step. Let’s just agree to ignore each other with a wave and a smile.

So what are your thoughts on your neighbors?

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