The Big Bang Timeline

What Was Before The Big Bang?

No one knows for certain what was before the Big Bang.   Some mighty brilliant people think they know or have a good idea.  However, nothing yet discussed has risen beyond a mere hypothesis.

the-big-bangWe know that energy can be converted to mass and mass can again become energy.  That is Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2.  We know that a Higgs field – something like the field around a magnet you can see when you drop iron filings on a piece of paper covering a bar magnet, but different, can cause energy to change into a state we identify as matter.

In simplistic terms what came before energy became matter? The question contains a possible answer. Perhaps some sort of cloud (field) of energy.  Whether a singularity – a smaller than atom pin point – or something a few kilometers across is currently being debated.

Experts argue about when the Big Bang began. To explore what was before it, it is necessary to know its start point. It was very, very, very hot. Did the Big Bang technically begin when the interaction before the expansion was at it hottest?

Some think that interaction then cooled a bit and then grew very, very hot again.  This creates the visual perception we get in our minds of an enormous explosion, but it really was an expansion of space and the beginning of time, as we think of it, and cooled as it expanded.

Remember that time and space are interconnected- spacetime. Before space existed time didn’t exist. So “moment zero” as we know it, began with our universe. 

Probability says we live in a multiverse- one of an infinite number of other universes. What each of those other universes looks like depends on the physics of that particular universe.

I’ve mentioned before that some of those universes may never develop stars and therefore galaxies.

The Big Bang TimelineIf there were such a thing as an “independent clock” outside of our universe, and if it were possible to have a view from outside (it isn’t) we would expect to see other universes in various states of formation or existence as far as you could perceive.

One of the many science questions yet to be answered is whether our universe will continue to expand.  Furthermore, in another 40 trillion years or so, will it disintegrate into quark nothingness? Or is part of the evolutionary process such that our universe will someday (again in the far, far future) reach a point where it will again begin to contract?  Therefore,  eventually squeezing back into something like what existed before the whole process began.

If that is the case, then what came before the Big Bang was a previous universe. Exciting answers lay ahead.

What are your thoughts about what came before the Big Bang?



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