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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Yes, and no, sometimes so.

Money buys you time. Time to do whatever you wish unencumbered by the necessity to instead spend that time at work to earn the money to pay the cost of supporting yourself.

Having money frees you up. It makes you free.

money and happinessFree people seem happier than those that are not free. Just look at North Koreans. All that wandering around in those stores filled with lots of things that are not for sale.

North Koreans don’t look happy at all. Even Kim Jong Un looks ….miserable. Maybe sending whole families to prison camp weighs on you.  

Speaking of prisons, people in prison never seem happy until they get out.

Of course, Congressmen and Senators don’t look very happy either, and while many may belong in prison they’re not there yet, (let us hope soon) so maybe I’m missing something?

If you are a happy person, would you be even happier if you won a lottery or earned a fortune or inherited one, and your time is now all your own.

Or maybe you have a charitable cause in which you believe and support and feel happy about being able to make a bigger difference with your larger donation.

Money DOES buy you happiness.

money can't buy you lifeOn the other hand if you are a grump. – we all know one like you – where nothing makes you smile; if you don’t receive joy watching the joy in others, something is wrong with you.  

That old adage about money not buying happiness is meant for you. Have you considered therapy?

We would love to hear your thoughts on money and happiness. If you believe money doesn’t buy happiness let’s me leave with one final thought. 

If someone offered you a few million dollars would you take it? 

I thought so.! You must love being miserable.

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