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The Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Have They Discovered Anything New in 2016 and 2017?

Have They Discovered Anything New in 2016 at The Large Hadron Collider at CERN? Interesting you should ask. YES! And one is a major discovery to boot. You should all somewhat know the word, anti-matter.   It’s like our matter with which we are all familiar, EXCEPT in antimatter atoms, anti-electrons are positively charged.  Alternatively, […]

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Besides IQ What Else Determines How Smart We Are?

What Else Determines How Smart We Are Besides IQ?   Generally IQ is thought of as your ability to absorb (learn), retain and manipulate information, but the word smart can also commonly refer to how much knowledge someone knows and can recite. The smart kid in your class might have been someone who spent a lot of […]

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How Did We Get To Modern Day Christmas?

Should I presume that you mean a modern day Christmas in America, as opposed to other places in the world where some of the traditions are different? For example in France, nativity scenes have the traditional figures plus often a baker and a butcher and a priest. In Greece, Christmas trees are not traditional since […]

lightening strikes the ocean

Lightning Strikes the Ocean. What Happens?

What Happens When lightning Strikes the Ocean ? To me, lightning strikes are fascinating. Lightning is a plasma- another state of matter besides liquid, gas, or solid. It can be over 5 miles long, hotter than the sun, 300 million volts, and over 30,000 amps! It usually strikes land, and deep ocean strikes are very […]

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Landing on an asteroid
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Landing on an Asteroid? Why Europe has lost interest.

Why has Europe lost interest in landing on an asteroid?   The Washington Post recently published an article startling suggesting Europe wasn’t interested in exploring and redirecting an asteroid.  This was an American proposal to learn more about asteroids and how to save our planet from a future asteroid strike.  This strike might happen in the […]

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Trump Promises

President Trump. Will He Do This Or Will He Do That?

I get asked a lot of political questions and I hate answering them.  Commenting on President Trump (Elect) epitomizes my feelings on political questions. That’s  because the question usually imparts a bias towards a particular answer.  Frankly, none of us have a way to know what will or won’t happen. Campaign promises such as free […]