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Besides IQ What Else Determines How Smart We Are?

What Else Determines How Smart We Are Besides IQ?   Generally IQ is thought of as your ability to absorb (learn), retain and manipulate information, but the word smart can also commonly refer to how much knowledge someone knows and can recite. The smart kid in your class might have been someone who spent a lot of […]

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Buy Insurance. Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it to buy insurance? Mathematically no. Practically though, it’s a necessity. Any of us  might be able to survive a small loss without insurance- a huge loss, not so likely.  That is why insurance companies make huge profits- sometimes. There are times when they go broke.  As you likely know, insurance companies […]

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A Sixth Extinction Event on Land?

An article recently published about a sixth extinction event, talked about among other things, us overfishing our seas- which I believe we have done for quite some time – and it spoke of serious consequences to some world populations dependent on fishing.  The earth has a lot of people living upon its resources. There needs to […]

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If You Are A Newborn Here Is My Advice!

What advice would I give a newborn baby? None at all. For a newborn?  The questioner is really asking something else entirely- such as “what sage advice would you give a youth to help them in their journey through life?” That answer is below. Given a newborn’s level of cognitive ability, and the inability to […]