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Besides IQ What Else Determines How Smart We Are?

What Else Determines How Smart We Are Besides IQ?   Generally IQ is thought of as your ability to absorb (learn), retain and manipulate information, but the word smart can also commonly refer to how much knowledge someone knows and can recite. The smart kid in your class might have been someone who spent a lot of […]

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Failure. How Should You Deal With Failure?

I embrace failure! Why because it tells me something important. It tells me that the way I did what I just did don’t work. It makes me rethink the whole problem. Was my objective correct? Or should it be different. Did I misthink the solution?  Would a slight change in my method result in success, and […]

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Destiny. Is it Fate Or Do We Shape Our Own?

My thoughts on destiny? Fate is simply probability. If we don’t act upon a situation and let the results be what they will,  you are allowing the probability of some unknown outcome to determine what happens next-  fate. However, If you intervene, such as deciding NOT to try to walk across a busy freeway, by assuming control […]