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How Did We Get To Modern Day Christmas?

Should I presume that you mean a modern day Christmas in America, as opposed to other places in the world where some of the traditions are different? For example in France, nativity scenes have the traditional figures plus often a baker and a butcher and a priest. In Greece, Christmas trees are not traditional since […]

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IQ (intelligence Quotient). Is It Relevant?

Is IQ Relevant? I think intelligence is very relevant when people have it and use it.  IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient – it is simply a numerical measure purported to represent the approximate intelligence of a person. It can be broken into two components, intelligence and quotient. The first part, intelligence, is about ease or difficulty […]

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Buy Insurance. Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it to buy insurance? Mathematically no. Practically though, it’s a necessity. Any of us  might be able to survive a small loss without insurance- a huge loss, not so likely.  That is why insurance companies make huge profits- sometimes. There are times when they go broke.  As you likely know, insurance companies […]

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The Most Isolated Place on Earth?

There are a number of very isolated places, such as a few beaches on tropical islands inaccessible except by boat. For example, few people have been to the beaches at the base of the tall volcanic cliffs on Molokai. But isolated does not necessarily mean remote, it just means seldom or rarely visited. The claim […]