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President Trump. Will He Do This Or Will He Do That?

I get asked a lot of political questions and I hate answering them.  Commenting on President Trump (Elect) epitomizes my feelings on political questions. That’s  because the question usually imparts a bias towards a particular answer.  Frankly, none of us have a way to know what will or won’t happen. Campaign promises such as free […]

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Secretary Of State Kerry With The Iranian Negotiators

Is the Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal Good or Bad?

Is the Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal Good or Bad? Well, let me ask you, “Is something better than nothing?” Is this agreement REALLY something? Or is it REALLY nothing? There seems to be no question that the nuclear weapons deal is an emotionally charged issue. Sadly it appears to have broken into political sides, rather than […]


Women – Should They Have Big Leadership Roles?

Should women have big leadership roles? My short answer is: OF COURSE WOMEN SHOULD, and especially when they are the best qualified person to fill the role. WHY would you EVER exclude someone – if they are the best qualified person? You have asked, of course, a larger question and it includes other ways of human […]


Who Shot JFK?

If you dispute that it was Lee Harvey Oswald who shot JFK, then you have a problem.  Not that you are wrong, but you are presuming it was NOT Lee Harvey Oswald, or perhaps that there were others BESIDES Lee Harvey Oswald, and here is your dilemma. In either case you have concluded that the […]