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What is Our Purpose In Life?

What is Our Purpose in Life ? On a strictly biological level, our purpose on this planet is to reproduce ourselves and to continue the existence of humankind into an unknown future. We can surmise this because that is exactly what nature has been doing on earth for billions of years. Merely reproducing, however, is not […]


What is Wrong With People Today?

What is Wrong with People Today? That depends. From whose perspective ? There are so many more of us today than there were just 40 years ago. That means many more people to try and to fail, to be angry, frustrated, violent, greedy, selfish, OR benevolent, caring, or philanthropic. We also have the ability to […]

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How Many People Have Lived On Earth

For all the time we’ve been here- about 100 billion+ people lived on Earth.  This number is derived by going back about 200,000 years to earlier humans- or what we tend to recognize as more modern humans.  The group includes Neanderthals and Cro Magnon people, early Homo sapiens. That figure actually comes  from a comment […]