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How Did We Get To Modern Day Christmas?

Should I presume that you mean a modern day Christmas in America, as opposed to other places in the world where some of the traditions are different? For example in France, nativity scenes have the traditional figures plus often a baker and a butcher and a priest. In Greece, Christmas trees are not traditional since […]

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Destiny. Is it Fate Or Do We Shape Our Own?

My thoughts on destiny? Fate is simply probability. If we don’t act upon a situation and let the results be what they will,  you are allowing the probability of some unknown outcome to determine what happens next-  fate. However, If you intervene, such as deciding NOT to try to walk across a busy freeway, by assuming control […]

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Do We Really Live in a Changing World?

Are we living in a changing world?  Do you remember when most Catholics would only consider marrying other Catholics?  You could not get married to a Catholic in a Catholic church unless you were also Catholic. Jews too wanted their daughters and sons to marry other Jews. Sunni Muslims wanted their offspring to marry other […]

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Why is there something rather than nothing?

Because there is. What is, IS. The following is a layman’s explanation. It’s not perfect but you’ll get the idea. So what IS? Start with an energy field – for example imagine a large magnetic field- which you can’t feel or hold by itself (I don’t mean holding the magnet, just the field). The field […]

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What Does it Mean that We Have Discovered a New Human Sub-Species?

It means that nerdy people like me get really excited about it – that’s what! And it’s further proof of evolution and another very large spike in the coffin of the already dead argument of evangelical creationism. This new discovery comes from a South African cave. This species has been named Homo Naledi. This discovery […]