Landing on an asteroid
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Landing on an Asteroid? Why Europe has lost interest.

Why has Europe lost interest in landing on an asteroid?   The Washington Post recently published an article startling suggesting Europe wasn’t interested in exploring and redirecting an asteroid.  This was an American proposal to learn more about asteroids and how to save our planet from a future asteroid strike.  This strike might happen in the […]

5 dimensional disk
extinction event now
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A Sixth Extinction Event on Land?

An article recently published about a sixth extinction event, talked about among other things, us overfishing our seas- which I believe we have done for quite some time – and it spoke of serious consequences to some world populations dependent on fishing.  The earth has a lot of people living upon its resources. There needs to […]

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Cars Powered by Solar Panels?

Why can’t cars be powered by solar panels? Actually they can to a point. Some experimental cars are being designed with roof panels. Realize that the output from a solar panel is inconsistent. A 50 watt panel produces varying power depending on cloud cover and solar intensity and the angle of the sun.  Also, the […]

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What is the Next Life-Changing Technological Advancement?

What is the next life changing technological advancement? If   you are referring to a new invention, you will see the evolution of 3D printers to unbelievable heights. Just as early computers once produced each year’s new advancement, and cell phones went through their evolution so too will 3D printing- it already has. However, if you […]