What Will Cause The Planet Earth To Be Destroyed

What Will Cause the planet Earth to Be Destroyed?

Interesting question. There are several possible ways the planet earth might be destroyed. One, that is a certainty, won’t happen for another 5 billion years. At that time the sun as we know it will be undergoing its own demise. Part of the suns evolution is to eventually run out of hydrogen to convert to helium in the nuclear fusion process we experience everyday – that is what makes it shine. As it does, it begins to collapse in on itself. As it collapses, the sun heats up and starts another round of fusion. The suns outer layers will begin an expansion into a red giant, growing in size some 250 times What will cause the end of the planet earth?and the process, swallowing Mercury, then Venus and finally when its outer size is larger than the orbit of the earth – some 93 million miles from where it is now, it will incinerate the earth.

It may eventually become as large as the orbit of Mars. Long before the earth is enveloped the earth’s oceans will boil away, and all life on earth will end. We must hope that long before that time, that we figure out how to travel through space and find Earthlings a new home on a new planet.

Earth Killing asteroids impact the earth often enough that one will likely impact the earth again long before the sun swallows the earth. 3 mile wide asteroids have hit the earth about every 20 million years. Larger ones such as one 6 miles wide hit less often, the last one about 66 million years ago. It caused a world- wide extinction event. Though most life might die out, the planet would survive as it has with previous impacts. It once survived an impact with a Mars sized planet, after which, our moon was formed.

Super volcanoes might also disrupt life as we know it enough to cause a major extinction event as well. Such an eruption would send enough ash and dust into the upper atmosphere to alter our weather for extended periods of time, bringing about a winter that might last for decades. This has also happened in our past, and again though most life might perish, the planet would survive.

Our most immediate threat to planet earth comes from events that affect our survivability but not the planet itself. These range from pandemic outbreaks, to changes we ourselves create and can include overpopulation, misuse and abuse of natural resources to the extent that they no longer supply our needs.

What do you think will cause our plant to be destroyed?

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