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Change. If You Could Choose Anything in The World What Would You Do?

The greatest threat to our survival today, as I see it, isn’t climate change, though that IS a major issue to be solved.

I believe world population control is the single greatest problem before us at this time.

population-changeHaving too many people in the world -were not quite there yet- WILL eventually lead to catastrophes.   Unless we address our population growth we may face a massive worldwide famine and food riots.   Potentially, we may get violence on a scale never witnessed even in times of war.

If we control our numbers, we can grow enough food EVEN if global climate change alters our world. 

It is true that population growth of some European countries has slowed dramatically.  Couples are often having only one child, even in countries where Catholicism is the predominant religion. Clearly well educated people use birth control in spite of their churches teachings.

Uneducated people from regions that do not exercise population control are a big issue. So are third world nations that do not educate their populations. Among those people and in those nations, contraceptives are rarely used, and populations grow much more rapidly than can resources. 

The US 2017 aid budget for third world countries is $34 billion. That sounds like a large sum. It IS a large sum, but is actually not great per capita when distributed to countries worldwide. 

If the at-risk population doubles over the next generation that will mean half the amount per person – and that is presuming no rise in cost of food. After still another generation it will be one-fourth the per capita amount.

change in populationPopulation increases in areas of extreme poverty, with lack of food resources, and clean water do not lead to healthy productive people. It leads to famine, starvation and death. 

Read this article on EthiopiaThe US gave over $870 million (reported 2012)

There IS AN ANSWER.   

Both religious groups and government MUST educate on the the use of birth control to slow down population growth. To do otherwise is immoral. 

If you are a religious reader who does not believe in contraception, which do you think is worse? Is it  a pregnancy that does not happen or a child starving to death because of lack of food and water resources?

In our future the world population WILL arrive at a point where it cannot feed itself?

What would I do to change the world? I’d educate, incentivize and mandate birth control in countries that have grown beyond a population density where they can no longer support themselves.

What changes would you make if you could change something? 

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