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Do We Really Live in a Changing World?

Are we living in a changing world?  Do you remember when most Catholics would only consider marrying other Changing WorldCatholics?  You could not get married to a Catholic in a Catholic church unless you were also Catholic.

Jews too wanted their daughters and sons to marry other Jews.

Sunni Muslims wanted their offspring to marry other Sunnis, and Shia, others Shias.

Koreans wanted their sons and daughters to marry other Koreans. So did the Japanese, and the Chinese, and Italians and Irish in days past.

Here, the first generation of any group seemed to remain true to their culture and religion. After one or two generations, in some cases, they married out of their culture. Not always.

So do we live in a changing world? Wait. No. None of this has really changed; certainly, not significantly. Parental feelings are still largely the way they were, even with younger parents.

We tend to appear to accept differences as Americans – except that if those differences are the desire of some members of a group to stay as they were, those same viewpoints when expressed openly – here in the country of free speech – are often ridiculed and maligned as being racist, prejudiced, intolerant, and ignorant.

It seems that the PC police don’t like us to have an inner preference for one group over another. That’s life. We do. We always will.

It’s called culture. Culture makes us great. French are French, Germans are German, Italian are Italian and British are confused. We keep their cuisine, their music, their architecture, their style – and personally, I like it.

Changing world around usSo should a Muslim father advocate his child to marry a non-Muslim, or a Jewish parent ignore their faith and beliefs and they should promote that their child marry a non-Jew, or an Evangelical Christian marry someone who is not? I think they need to follow their beliefs. It’s who they are. I accept them. I understand those viewpoints.

At the same time, what if their child WANTS to marry out of their culture and out of their faith? That is America. We are a melting pot. I accept their decision.  I understand those viewpoints as well.

We are not all the same – not the same looks, not the same build, not the same athletic ability, not the same intellect, not the same ambition, not the same ethics.

It is our differences that make us interesting. It is our willingness to step outside comfort boundaries that make us brave.

We hopefully may become a more peaceful nation by tolerating and appreciating the differences in others. But we must also tolerate, respect and accept those that decide they like things just the way they are. They are after all entitled to their opinion too.

Any thoughts on our changing world?

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