Clinton or Trump. Which One is Telling The Truth?

Neither Clinton or Trump on some issues, and both on others.

Most all of us wish we hadn’t done some things in our past the way we did them. We wish we hadn’t said some things we said. We all grow and change as we mature through life experience; some of us more than others.

Clinton or TrumpFor a person running for office. where a checkered past is brought out for all to see, their tendency is often to deny. That is dishonest and while not acceptable it is understandable. It is embarrassing for them to admit their flaws and be judged by them.

It’s a life lesson. Remember that today, what you say or write may someday be used against you.

We find ourselves in difficult times about to make a decision which collectively may have a great affect on all of us and our future.

We are as divided as we’ve ever been  if news media and on-line sources are to be believed. Is what they print true?

We are certainly more aware of issues now more than ever before. But we have had many angry, divisive times in our past.

We had a revolution and became a country. That was a far more divisive time than now with much more at risk.

We had a civil war and that was certainly a time of much greater anger and divisiveness than now. We still suffer from it.  There have had many campaigns rife with lies, dishonestly and deceit.

Had the Internet existed in those times would information and mis -information have appeared to readers to be much different? I don’t believe so. Today we are just more aware of it.

We may never know the true facts of many things.

What is the TRUTH ?

Truth is objective not subjective. In a campaign, it is an issue debated with the presentation of the sum of all relevant knowledge.

If part of that information is missing, truth becomes an opinion based upon ones interpretation of the “facts” that they know. That doesn’t mean it’s the truth. It’s perceived truth.

We have learned of late of some convicted of serious crimes where an over-zealous prosecutor withheld important information that might have held sway with a jury, leading to a different outcome- no conviction.

Instead some have been convicted and sometime held in prison for decades, though actually innocent of the crime for which they were convicted.

Each side, Clinton or Trump,  has a different agenda- but their goals are similar – to win. Clinton Or Trump - Vote it seems candidates, Clinton or Trump,  will do whatever they have to do to win at all costs. Campaigns are dirty. Most campaigns have always been dirty.

Supporters float false stories in an attempt to defame rivals. Many of us take those stories on their face, and don’t really investigate them to form opinions. Their truth is not truth though it may contain elements of truth.

Propaganda is written in such a way. People presume that since they don’t know about ALL that is said, but because some of what is said is true, it must all be true. That conclusion allows a LIE to flourish.

In many cases the truth cannot really be known. In some cases there may be no truth supported by facts only viewpoints.

So what shall we do?

View all information, reports, and what appears to be libel and slander with great scrutiny. Read both sides of every issue and determine for yourselves where truth may lie.

Weigh all of the evidence available before you come to a conclusion. There is plenty of information out there- don’t accept ANY of it on its face even if from a source you deem reputable.

Which candidate has the most character? Who do you believe has integrity? Who will be honest with us, and who do you believe will do the best job to get us through the next four years.

At that point we can fire that person if they are not the best.

We can pick another.

Most importantly VOTE for your choice or your feelings aren’t registered.

What thoughts do you have on Clinton or Trump?

2 thoughts on “Clinton or Trump. Which One is Telling The Truth?

  1. Talk is cheap and words are merely sounds in air until they are acted upon. Some are simply talkers while others are doers, which one is trustworthy(?) the one who walks the talk for all to see! Maranatha…

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