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What Do You Think About Cultural Literacy and the Dumbing Down of America?

What do I think about cultural literacy and the dumbing down of America?

I am appalled by the lack of it- and I believe so should you be.

I am not a fan of Fox, or for that matter any other network, but I do watch or DVR many of them to watch to see what and how they report news.

News today is far too much editorial with news reported in sound bites in between opinions and words charged with the emotions of the commentator.  

Fox News and MSNBC aren’t really news at all-they are mostly editorial.

Who cares what they think? I certainly do not. What qualifications do they possess that makes their opinions valuable? I want unaltered news- well covered and honestly reported.

Former newsmen are appalled too, at our current path. We are becoming a nation of ignorant, opinionated, immature, selfish, self-serving souls who feel it acceptable to distort the truth for their own aims. It is not.

On a segment I recently saw on Fox News were young people asked to identify photos of recent past presidents- of both dumbing down of Americaparties- and almost all who were asked had no clue who they were. What education did they receive? It was nothing like what I experienced.  

One person was asked if they didn’t learn about any of them in their textbooks. They replied they never read them. Why would I ever want to hire such an ignorant, ill informed person– I wouldn’t. Neither would many others.

It saddens me greatly that our current president feels he must apologize to the world for America- my country of which I am very proud in spite of its shortcomings. It isn’t perfect. It’s run by humans and we all are flawed.  [newsletter_lock]

Not everything we have done has been fair or just or right or constitutional. But the good things we have done are so great and outnumber those instances in such huge proportions that the rest of the globe owes us much.

Why is it do you suppose that so many want to come here? Because no place on earth is better! They know. They lived somewhere else.

You live a better life with more opportunity here than anywhere. Don’t believe it? Go try to do the things you can do or say here somewhere else.

Occasionally someone from here does something very wrong. We quickly become aware of it.

That does not make the rest of us guilty of that wrong. We recognize it. We discuss it. We usually try to right it. I don’t see that happening in Russia, or China, or even in Europe. Sure, there are a few exceptions. Not many.

Yet,  our young people are now being taught in school or by media and by others that America is racist- we are not- that we don’t care about others- we do, that we owe those who don’t try or put forth an effort some sort of living- we do not.

We give you the opportunity for success.  THAT is why so many want to live in America.

Many of us are lazy. We want things given to us. You know what? Go earn it.

Should a university education be free for all? No. You need to deserve it. You do that by effort and hard work. It is not an entitlement. You will appreciate it more. You will make better decisions about what you study.

I am all for providing an education for those who truly cannot afford college but have worked hard in school. I am also in favor of providing schooling to learn a trade or vocation for those not interested in attending a college or university or unable to do the advanced work.

But you must give back to your community, or to your country.

There is truth to the saying that freedom is not free. We must all do our part.

I suggest a book written awhile back, “Cultural Literacy- What Every American Needs to Know”

by E.D. Hirsch Jr.

Read it. It will open your eyes.

So what do you think about what I have said? Tell us your thoughts and with your permission we will print them.


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