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Destiny. Is it Fate Or Do We Shape Our Own?

My thoughts on destiny? Fate is simply probability. If we don’t act upon a situation and let the results be what they will,  you are allowing the probability of some unknown outcome to determine what happens next-  fate.

Destiny - lifeHowever, If you intervene, such as deciding NOT to try to walk across a busy freeway, by assuming control over your life,  you steer yourself into a different set of possible outcomes. If you don’t, and do try to cross the freeway you increase dramatically the possible outcome that you may get killed in the process.  

Most of us think that would be a stupid thing to do. Find an alternate route. The shortest or easiest way is not always the best way.  If you follow either  course of action wouldn’t you be taking control over your destiny?

Some people believe that their lives are “in Gods hands” and do little or nothing to take responsibility for themselves. While I am not a religious person, those that are might say “God helps those that help themselves.”

If you tossed a chip on a roulette table (a metaphor for your life) and prayed to God to determine where it will fall, you do not change the odds of the game. You might get lucky, but chances are you will lose.

Your best bet would be not to play those odds at all. Find a different alternative that puts the odds in your favor. Cash in your chips  and walk out of the casino.

In life we are affected by many, many things; including but not limited to who we know, where we are born, our values, destiny - determinyour education, our abilities, and whether we live a smart life exploring possibilities and moving in a direction that presents the highest likelihood of success.

This is true if you come from the slums of a third world country, or are born into a wealthy family here in the United States. Opportunities are better here, but we have all heard about children of wealthy people turning out to be nonproductive people.

Success comes from trying until you succeed. It can be a very long road. But try you must.

We all make mistakes in life, but we need to learn from those mistakes and make ourselves wiser for having made them. Don’t keep repeating the same mistakes.

A person has not truly failed until they give up trying. Don’t give up!

My suggestion is that you seek out others who have succeeded and learn what it takes to get to your goal.

Set your goals ahead of where you are but do it in small steps. Be proud when you succeed and then set your next goal and make it happen too.

You will may eventually get where you wish to be. Your life and its outcome is NOT predetermined.

What do you think about your destiny?  Is it the hands of “fate”?

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