Tree. Nature or God?
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Can You Disprove the Existence of God with Nature?

I’ll let you decide if  I can disprove the existence of god.  The most all encompassing force we experience in our universe is what we observe as nature.  Nature isn’t one thing even though it is one word we use to describe it.  It is physics and mathematics and chemistry and meteorology.  It is geology, cosmology, cosmogony, music and art and life. It is many many combined forces, disciplines of study, laws and history.

Tree. Nature or God?

Is nature all that is?

Nature is all rules and laws of science. It creates, and destroys, yet has no ill will. It can hurt the innocent and help those we perceive as evil without regard.  Good people die and ISIS survives. Bad storms take the lives of innocents as do volcanic lahars.

Nature explains so much and answers the question how can God let that happen?

Because nature lets that happen. It is not malevolent nor is it loving.  It follows the laws of this universe. No matter how rare an occurrence, if the laws of this universe permit it, there will be somewhere such a condition or occurrence will take place.  What will not take place are any of an infinite number of things NOT permitted by the laws of this universe, though they may take place in a different universe where those laws are different than ours.

How do we know if the laws of this universe permit something?  

We certainly don’t know them all. We make new discoveries all the time.  We are aware of the familiar ones- masses attract, or that something in motion tends to remain in motion until acted upon by another force.  But, if we have yet to discover a law, or think up a question to be answered and answer or learn about it, we don’t know what we don’t know.

God, we have been told by countless theologians and philosophers, and written works such as the Torah and the Bible, is more than nature. HE (traditional personification) made the universe and all that is in it. God would then need super powers to control nature to use as a tool.

In 1964 a Russian astronomer named Nicolai Kardashev came up with a scale to measure the power of a civilization over technology.

God's Will or Nature?You can read about it here.  At level III,  this scale allows for dominance of a civilization over the output of their entire galaxy.  For a single super entity to have dominion over our entire universe involves laws of physics that not only have never been discovered, but laws of physics that have never even been speculated. Nature’s laws are not super powers they are laws of ordinary physics as we know it.  Since nature’s laws prevail, and we can find no laws, no theories, no hypothesis that demonstrates the existence of super powers, we can presume logically from that, that super powers appear not to exist.

Without super powers God cannot control nature. Can God BE nature?

Pantheists think so. 

But if God is nature, God is very different than most imagine it to be. “His” human form disappears  entirely. 

In my next article I shall discuss what God IS and what God IS NOT.

What are your personal thoughts on God? 

3 thoughts on “Can You Disprove the Existence of God with Nature?

  1. I have always wanted to believe in God. Life is so much better when you hand over control to a divine being. However, God, if He exists, has blessed me with the ability to think…to reason. When I go back to the beginning of the book purported to be my guide for living (I am struggling to be Christian), the Bible I find obstacles at the very beginning. In Genesis it describes the first 6 days before God created man. My first obstacle is that if Man wasn’t there, who wrote this section and how did they obtain this knowledge without being there?

    In Genesis chapter 1 verse 16 and 17 it is written that “God made two great lights-the greater to govern the day and the lesser to govern the night. He also made the stars. God set them in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth,.” This seems to say that the stars, the entire universe outside of the moon and the sun, were a minor creation, subservient to the earth, whose existence is to provide the earth with light. The throwaway line “He also made the stars.” seems the creation of someone not advanced enough to realize the earth was round and that it was a very very small part of the universe.

    It is hard to think and simultaneously believe, particularly based on something that was obviously written by man. So I choose to believe that there is a great power that I don’t know anything about. I choose Christianity as the style of that belief in lieu of something more finite or provable.

    Someone please help me with a better answer.

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    1. Giving up your life to a superbeing to avoid having to make tough decisions is tantamount to letting random chance determine your life’s outcome.

      Grow strong, make mistakes, do things over – but better the next time- learn from your failures and mistakes- accept responsibility for yourself and your actions. Never quit, always keep moving forward.

      If God is nature it follows physical laws and randomness. If God controls nature it still obeys physical laws and randomness. If God does not exist , nature still follows physical laws and randomness.

      You need to make the best decisions to help determine the outcome of that randomness!

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