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What Was the Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me?

The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me was butt dialing a person who I just happened to be talking about at the time.

most embarrassing thingI Have been on the receiving end of quite a few butt dials.   It never occurred to me that such a conversation could be clear and understood.

Usually after saying “hello” once and hearing the rustling of phone microphone against ones clothes and a muffled voice or voices, we usually understand the call was unintentional. I say ” Hello” again, still louder and again, louder and then hang up.

The caller could be engaged in a Clinton- Trump barrage.  Shots could be hitting the bow and torpedoes striking home and I would never know.

Unfortunately that was not to be in my case. No, in my case my voice was crisp and sharp. I was heard clearly.

The party I butt dialed later that day, repeated my every insult, my every critical comment. I tried to convince him that if I hadn’t cared about them, I wouldn’t have become so frustrated and said all those things I really meant.

That argument didn’t go far, I’m afraid.  Although we still talk, he, as if a politician trying to gain mileage, reminds me of that day and things I said. The mileage aspect has worked to a degree.

There is a lesson to be learned- especially if you ever complain about a wife,  lover, friend or significant other.   No it’s not to turn off the phone.   In the future when I am complaining about someone, I plan on REALLY letting them know what I think of them.

After all, I might never get another chance to really say what I think or how I feel.

So what thoughts have you on the subject? What was your most embarrassing thing?

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