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Extraterrestrials. Have We Been Visited by Them?

Have We Been Visited by Extraterrestrials?

That is quite a question. I have never personally ever seen anything I suspected to be something that did not have a rational scientific explanation. 

That said, I know many people I deem credible who have told me things that seriously make me question my own beliefs.


ExtraterrestrialsI met Astronaut Edgar Mitchell once. In a private conversation in front of a very good friend of mine in the film business he told me this story. I will try my best to remember it as he told it. My question to him is what is presumed in law to assume facts not in evidence. That is, a statement of presumption where the ” facts ” in the question” have not been proven and are presumed by the questioner to be true. The presumption I made was that he would refute the question rather than accept the “facts” I presumed within it.

That question to him was, “so when did you first find out that the Roswell case was really a crashed extra- terrestrial spacecraft ?” I expected him to say, “he hadn’t”, or “why would you assume that?”

Instead his reply was,

Though I have never seen any extra-terrestrial craft personally, before we- any astronaut- goes up in space, we are briefed by a small group of Air Force officers, that we might see unexplained phenomena in space including craft- that are not ours or Russian. That the Roswell crash was real and that the craft was from unknown extraterrestrial origin. That we have never had any aggressive action taken toward us or any of our spacecraft, and that IF we should see anything, that under no circumstances were we to say anything over an open mic- back to Earth but rather to wait until we returned home and were debriefed.”

I was shocked at his answer. Later that evening he spoke at a large audience presentation and I asked the question again, and this time he ducked the question.

I have known many who have claimed to have seen close, daylight observations of objects they felt were  of extraterrestrial origin, including my dear friend who witnessed Mitchell’s earlier answer during the day.

I have heard Generals, one a previous commander of a SAC base tell me of an encounter on base, and I have read books, including one by Astronaut Gordon Cooper, Leap of Faith.

If this “evidence” were presented in a court of law, the availability of credible witnesses would more than surpass the standard necessary to convict a person of a serious crime.

So is it true?

In order for an advanced civilization to visit earth, it would have needed to have developed a way to travel great distances through space and over a relatively short period of time. Most non-believers site this one obstacle as their reason for not believing it to be true. It is a very major point.

But we know that there are many stars much older than our sun. Billions of years older. We are also at the beginning stages of detecting extra-solar planets. We have found many.

It seems quite reasonable to me that civilizations may have existed on some of these or other planets for millions of years ahead of our own. We were  a group of primitive species just  50,000 years ago. So how advanced could another older civilization be? They could easily be tens of thousands, even millions, even billions of years ahead of our own.

Do I think it possible that they could have developed advanced warp drive space traveling capabilities, or some other method. Most certainly yes . If the physics of our universe allow it, most certainly.

It is a mind boggling thought. But I cannot dispute it’s possibility. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think we have already been visited by beings from another world? Possibly just to observe us in our developing state?

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