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Failure. How Should You Deal With Failure?

I embrace failure! Why because it tells me something important. It tells me that the way I did what I just did don’t work. It makes me rethink the whole problem. Was my objective correct? Or should it be different. Did I misthink the solution? 

Failure leads to successWould a slight change in my method result in success, and if so, what is that change?  Chances are I don’t know, so I experiment to see if I move closer to accomplishing my goal.

I’m not an Edison fan because of the way he treated animals. But he did have a cadre experimenting on materials to use as filaments for light bulbs. They failed repeatedly until they didn’t. 

There were supposedly 22 other inventors who were working the same problem before Edison and a man named Joseph Swan. You can read about it here.

Eventually carbonized sewing thread in a vacuum bulb worked fairly well.  Then better materials emerged and we had commercially acceptable light bulbs. 

The point in all of this is that failure is often the precursor to success. 

I have failed at many things at many times and I still do fail often. BUT because I don’t quit, I have fewer failures because one has not truly failed UNTIL ONE QUITS. 

Keep trying- not doing the exact same thing the same way over and over but by varying each attempt to see if there is Failure is part of successforward progress. If something moves you in the right direction keep at it. Change course when necessary.

Scientific failures abound. Look at all the failed inventions. Think of all the sometimes crazy ideas that failed.

We learn through trial and error. Each error is a failure. Embrace it and learn from it and succeed

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