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Fate, Or Do We Control Our Own Destiny?

Fate versus Control.  We determine a lot about what we do in our lives.  However, much is determined by the events around us over which we have no control.  We have little or no control over our  world economy , or a pandemic, or a war, or the probabilistic outcome of an unforeseen event, which might be avoidable -if we were present and aware- but we’re not and so are impacted by it- such as a drunk driver.

fate vs. determinationOther things we can mitigate if we take action. The operative word here is IF (we take action). That is up to YOU.

A lot of success is determined by luck- who you know- and being at the right place at the right time. That is certainly true in the entertainment world. You usually need talent AND all of those things.

FATE on the other hand, to me, implies letting the cards fall where they may without intervening even if you can.

Only things completely outside of our control rest with “fate”. Fate is really mathematics. It’s the outcome.

There are certain probabilities for outcomes, some much greater than others. Winning a lottery is a very low probability outcome.  Picking a single number on a roulette wheel here in the US. is one chance in 38 (casinos don’t pay you this return however). Meeting a mate is one with much higher probabilities but it’s not a certainty.

This brings us to another question debated for centuries- is our future pre determined (in advance)?

We really don’t know of a way to move back in time but we know how we can move far forward in time- by traveling at close to light speed- which we will do some day in our near future- say in 20 years, if budgets permit.

Someday,  if you took a trip to a place far, far away and returned -again- all at about light speed, years would pass for you, and millennia for those left behind. Everyone you knew before you left would have died centuries before your return, all because of the rates at which time passes for objects moving at different relative velocities.

Space is expanding – getting larger. We cannot- even with a future warp vehicle- travel into where space will be but has not yet expanded. Space does not exist there yet. Time cannot exist there yet either because it is spacetime not just space.

Fate vs. determinationAs a result it is not possible to travel into that future that does not exist. It cannot be predetermined. Therefore, it is my belief that there is no pre-determination, even AFTER space has expanded into being. It just is. Space continues to expand with time attached reacting only to the forces that cause it to change – such as gravity.

In a future article I will try to present a layman’s explanation of the equation Einstein developed for General Relativity. From it we can see how spacetime- space and time gets warped by pressures.

So yes,  we are impacted by outside probabilistic events – fate- yes we can go a long way to mitigate negative effects if we are proactive and work smart. That is what we mean to take charge of your life. So, if you are not already doing so, why not take charge of your life? You are responsible for you.

What are your thoughts on whether you or fate determine your destiny? What are you going to do about it?

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