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What Have I Forgotten? | I Don’t Remember.

What have I forgotten? I love learning. I spend a fair portion of every day learning about new subjects or updating my forgotten memoriesunderstanding of old ones.

The older you get, the more likely that the number of your forgotten memories will grow. It’s actually one of my greatest fears. 

I was just up at a university board meeting to, among other things, learn  about their program designed to aid seniors in preventing or slowing memory loss.

All of us are either directly or indirectly affected by memory loss. Perhaps you know of someone in your family, or the family of a friend suffering from dementia, or Alzheimer’s. It’s a tragedy.

forgottenMy dad had dementia later in life. Though he lived past 90, he was very much mentally diminished by that time.  I’m optimistic that by the time I approach that age, many new treatments will be available. 

A major hurdle has been the FDA.  Diminished cognitive function was deemed to be “just old age”.  As a result, age related issues were not classified as diseases. That is changing. 

Many issues that appear as we age may be mitigated by potential new therapies.

I’m optimistic! Here’s an interesting article on the topic.

In the meantime, I will continue to address those many, many things I don’t know- whether or not I once did.  I do this by looking up the subject and searching through the material looking for academic studies, and reading  them.

In case I forget,  as always your comments are appreciated.

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