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Genetically Modified Food? A Genius’ Perspective.

I’m certainly not in panic mode- or politically motivated mode- or anti-anything mode.

I’m in “let’s take a scientific look mode”

and let’s see what we can and can not determine about the risks and claims surrounding genetically modified food.

So what is a GMO? 

 a normal strain of any of a number of grains, or fruits or vegetables or animals where scientists, after doing genetic research, modified the DNA  within the plant or animal to make it different in a way that MIGHT have happened over time through evolution, but in reality likely would not have occurred through normal reproductive processes.

GMOWhat are those differences? Some are to make the animal or plant more resistant to disease, insects, or able to survive on less water, or in more hostile climate, or in the case of plants, to produce more fruit or grain. Is this a good or bad thing?

IF the GMO feeds more people, or offers a benefit NOT offset by some negative (like a food allergy) created by the change, I think we’d all pretty much agree it’s a good thing. The issue is largely that any potential adverse effects from eating GMOs is still yet to be determined, as data is still being gathered. Personally I have no issue eating GMOs. Enough people in enough places have for enough time – in my opinion- to render a PRELIMINARY judgement. I have judged them okay for me. If evidence comes in to the contrary, I shall re-evaluate. What if I am wrong and I have permanently destroyed my health? Seriously? If I felt that was even a millionth of a one percent chance I’d avoid GMOs.

That is not the case. What is the case however is that allergies to foods may occur that did not before. Do your research before you buy.

Let me be blunt.  Many if us are vulnerable to baloney material distributed by baloney sites written by less than credible but often well-meaning people.

The anti-flu shot folks are an example- see my previous article– they are full of nonsense and misinformation. They distribute that nonsense information- and many of you are gullible and accept it without spending the time to truly investigate it. It’s false. It’s incorrect. It is unsubstantiated. That is provable.

So should you feel free to eat GMOs? I do, but you should research this on your own. There are many credible sources of information: The World Health Organization, college sites, and universities, and NIH see below:

If you are concerned, ask your doctor, or try reading the label. If you have a food allergy call the company listed on the label and ask before you eat. If in doubt don’t buy it.

What are your thoughts on genetically modified food?
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