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Ghosts? Am I a Believer? It is Complicated.

Personally? No. I don’t believe in ghosts. If there is some phenomenon I suspect it is more likely in the mind. Could I be wrong? Of course I can be wrong.

Let’s examine a more traditional approach to existence.

Do you remember what the universe was like before you were born? All of those galaxies that formed, the Suns that ignited, the planets that evolved?

ghosts past
How about here on earth through all of those species that came about and then disappeared? Do you personally remember them? No?

You remember nothing? A black nothing in which billions of years passed and you were not aware of any of it?

That would be me.  

That is preconception. Preconception is all that was that existed before you came upon the scene.

My guess is that our post departure- my way of saying after we’re gone- dead- defunct, extinguished- lifeless, inoperative- our mental cognizance will find itself in a similar place to pre- conception.

In pre-conception there was nothing to permit cognition. 

Post departure, if your brain matter is defunct you will effectively find yourself in the same situation.

ghosts presentBut what about life after death? Or -wait a minute- didn’t I talk about quantum entanglement possibly permitting life after death with some other you in another universe?

I did indeed. And that might be the way it really is. If we want to live on in some manner,  let us hope.

So, back to ghosts- should they exist they would fly in the face of what I just said. If they are visages of dead folks how come they get to stick around?

All I can say is that I have never experienced one. I stayed once for a few days in the haunted bedroom of Sam Lord at Sam Lords Castle on the island of Barbados. No Sam Lord. No ghosts. I slept just fine even though I was aware of the history of this great place- now sadly burned down.

Read about it here.

Ghosts make a great subject for scary stories, films and scripted reality television.  However, I can’t see them existing and there not being concrete scientific evidence- at least more than zero. No, those odd pieces of equipment really do not prove the existence of ghosts.

Should parallel universes prove to exist- and I think they will be a casualty along with SUSY – Supersymmetry – so not exist- BUT if they did, there might be some unknown way in which two parallel universes might interact on very rare occasions to cause some unexplained event.

So what encounters have you experienced that you believe might change my mind?

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