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Does Honor Matter Anymore?

If you need to ask does honor matter anymore I think we are in a very, very bad place.

Of COURSE  honor matters. It’s all you have to honordefine your character. If you are not honorable- then you are by definition, dishonorable. I can’t trust a thing you do or say. 

Why, because you admitted seeing nothing wrong with lying, cheating or stealing. You will tell me anything that might advance your position. 

You are a liability to anyone who hires you, or who trusts that you are their friend. They might not know it yet,  but they will.

I won’t let you near anything I value. I don’t want to know you because I don’t respect you. That’s because you don’t respect anyone. By definition, you have no virtue. 

Not sure you want to go there? Confused as to WHAT honor is? What does it mean to be dishonorable? Let’s explore it.

Here is the definition taken from the net:




    1. 1
      bringing or worthy of honor.”this is the only honorable course”


  • synonyms:

Is honor the same everywhere? 

honorNo, it confirms to the standard of the culture. That means what we in the west regard as dishonor, some cultures view differently. 

Here is an example: In it, imagine there are no witnesses except you, your friend, and another driver. 

“You are  a passenger in a car and the driver, your friend, carelessly runs  a stop light and hits another car. He then realizes that only you and he and the other driver saw the accident.”

Next, he asks you to lie to the police and say the light was green when he entered the intersection instead of red as it was. He wants you to tell the police the other guy ran the light. Would you lie to protect your buddy?

Personally if anyone asked me to do that, I would not only refuse, I would no longer be friends. 

Just the thought someone would ask me such a thing would infuriate me- they clearly had no respect for my integrity. 

BUT some Middle Eastern cultures feel differently. They would back up the driver and lie because they regard LOYALTY to a friend as more important than facts. 

It’s clearly a cultural difference. Before dealing with anyone where I feel uncertain, I ask where they stand. If in doubt, I don’t engage them in business.

Some Eastern cultures have little issue with breaching western style contracts. If circumstances change and become less favorable to them, they refuse to fulfill their legal promise. Just ask Boone Pickens!

(Don’t know who he is? Look him up.)

The Republican primary contenders PROMISED to back whomever was nominated – but several lied, and didn’t do it. I would have never voted for them anyway, but they are certainly dead in my eyes.

Both Presidential contenders have issues in their past. Some of those issues are HUGE- incredibly serious – so much so that I could never support that person. With such deep character flaws I cannot alter that decision.

I feel that those who are dishonorable and our failure to hold them accountable are the single greatest issue putting our world at short term risk.

I fear we have gone over the event horizon of an earth swallowing sewer black hole.

So take a different path and be noble. Don’t place your integrity at risk. If you’ve done something dishonorable, own it, admit it, make it right, and don’t ever do it again. Don’t empower the dishonorable. Turn your back on them. 

What are your thoughts on honor?

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