How do you Feel About Cloning and  DNA Modification in Humans?

What a fascinating question.  Personally, I have no issue with the idea of cloning my body parts to replace ones I have that wear out- that is presuming that I wouldn’t be given a cloned old heart or liver or pancreas but rather a new young one from the me of thirty years ago.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that is how it necessarily works. From what I gather from information on the FDA site listed below, you do get a new instrument but it may carry with it the some genetic damage from the template from which it is made. 

Maybe in the future that will be where DNA modification will come in. I think it would be wonderful for us all to have new organs available that our bodies would not reject (because they are really ours) and could be substituted. But we’re not there yet. 

CloningWhat about cloned  people or lost loved ones? Should they be cloned?  First remember you don’t get the person back. You get a newborn. That baby won’t be that person. Their life experiences will be entirely different. They will grow up at a different time in a different society. My parents are deceased so the knowledge and love and memories I have for them would be absent in my clone. Ethically, society does not like the idea of us cloning ourselves.

You might also get a baby with cells containing shorter telomeres (chromosomes that determine how many times a cell can split and divide) which would match the cells as we are  and hence though a baby, might not live any longer than you would currently, though we don’t really know because just to confuse matters, many cloned animals live normal lifespans.  

Something you should read if this interests you; the FDA has a “Myths about Cloning” website that is well worth the visit. 

So, for the record, I don’t condone cloning people.  As I said, we are all the product of our genetic selves plus our knowledge and experiences.  

I lost my dog two years ago to cancer. She was a black and tan long haired mini dachshund and I have never loved a dog as much. I thought seriously at the time about how cool it was that I could, if I wished, have a second opportunity with our pet we loved. But that pet wouldn’t really be the same. It too would live different experiences and its personality might be completely different. I gave up on the thought and like the rest of us who have lost someone or something we loved, mourned her loss. I have yet to own another dog but someday I will.

As far as using all and any technology to extend  the quality of our lives and life itself, I am definitely in favor of  using cloning or DNA modification to serve those ends when they come of age and have been perfected and have become commonly available. Technology is a wonderful thing when applied to help mankind.

What are your thoughts on cloning and on DNA modification?

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