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How will the Influx of Immigrants Change European Countries?

If not dealt with correctly and immediately, it may change the face and culture of Europe forever.

I love to travel. I love London – and wish to visit much of the UK I have not yet seen. I love France – Paris – and Lyon and Eze – and Spain and Bavaria in Germany and Austria – and Italy – ZOUNDS – it’s great!!

I love Europe. Why do I love it? Because each country, often each town within it, has its own flavor – a unique culture– its own folk dances, styles of dress, and variations in style of cuisine (for me food is a big part) – songs and music – each is distinct. All of this is at risk of being lost to the overwhelming influx of new cultures that are not the same, and likely never will intermarry and merge. The religion of most of the newcomers prevents assimilation.

I just returned from visiting Budapest in Hungary, as well as Prague in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia. It wasn’t to see what was going on with the refuges – it was to take one of those widely advertised river cruises. We never saw a refuge – not even when we passed the train station in Budapest.

Long lasting issues with immigration are about current numbers of immigrants, and future birth rates. For an existing culture to sustain itself, there must be enough children born to replace those that die, and the percentage of that Immigrants to Europeculture needs to remain at least in equilibrium compared to the other cultures coming in. If it loses its majority status, it can become subject to the will of the new culture, whether through majority votes or even through violence, as in the Middle and Near East.

Look what ISIL is doing to Christian populations in the far north of Iraq. They have ordered them to convert to Islam, leave or be killed. They even attack their own. Until we have the courage to step up and crush them and all oppressive regimes, this problem will only get worse. Humanity requires it. No impotent line in the sand.

This migration is made up of both refuges and migrants.

Refuges, in my opinion, should be aided compassionately, allowed temporary residence in a safe location and then returned home just as soon as it is safe for them to return. This entails giving them a sanctuary – a place to live safely temporarily not new citizenship or residency.

If some wish to apply for status to immigrate to their new country of temporary residence, permanently, they should join the line of those making that request, taking their place in line behind those ahead of them in the process.

Migrants, on the other hand are often opportunists. If given the opportunity they will take it. They are those persons, at least in the case of the Mediterranean migration, that slip in with the others attempt to mingle, and move to a pre-selected destination for their own benefit. One group, I believe, must be assisted (refugees) and the other stopped, entry refused, and the persons deported to the place from where they originated their travel.

Migrants must go through the proper channels to seek entrance to countries with rules of entry

We in the US, also have an illegal migrant issue with which we are trying to deal. The people coming across our borders illegally are not seeking asylum, nor are they refuges. They are people seeking a better way of life in a new country that is not their own. I understand their view. I would share it if I were in their shoes,

Personally, I prefer our system of planned immigration. I wish to preserve our country with its current diversity, not some politically created new diversity which will perhaps threaten our culture.

As with European countries, we have specific quotas for different people from different origins – to maintain our melting pot and our national identity. If that quota is put at risk, then others lawfully waiting their turn to immigrate are delayed or even excluded because of migrants that did not wait – and instead migrate illegally.

As for terrorists infiltrated in the Mediterranean groups – I think there is LITTLE DOUBT that some of those on the move in Europe are people bent on terrorist acts against the very countries to which they seek to migrate. It presents a great opportunity for spies, thieves and terrorists to get where they want to be. We may find out in the next year just how many there were. They will be the ones we can’t identify, because we will have no documentation on them. They will be the ones that succeed because we had no way to know who they were.

I believe the decision to re-close borders and engage in further vetting of those seeking to enter serves both country and refuge well.

It serves to better protect the host country from those undesirable people intermingled in with the refugee group, and at the same time, once vetted, should allow for quicker processing of those needing help.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the influx of migrants will have any impact on European Countries?

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