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If You Were Given A Day Where Your Could Do Anything What Would it Be?

Helping others would be one.

But if you are wondering what I would do selfishly for me, there are lots of things I’d love to try.

If money were not an obstacle, I’d love to be on one of those Virgin Galactic flights into space, when they finally get going. How cool would that be? They travel upward about 60 miles, and while they don’t go into orbit, you could see do anything you want to do with your timemuch of our earth from up that high. The curvature of our planet can be seen from lower altitudes, and I’m told the sky grows black around around 18 miles up and stars come out. 60 miles up is way up there and anything above 50 miles is considered to be in space.

On the other hand I used to scuba dive. I loved it, but not having the resources, I’ve never been able to dive the Great Barrier Reef. That might take up a lot of my day to get there, though.

Locally, I love museums. All kinds of museums. What a wonderful place to see and learn and interact with things you might never get to see.

I was fortunate once to get to spend a night up on Mount Wilson with the 100 inch Hooker Telescope there. I would love repeating that experience.

If I was in France or Switzerland to start my day, I’d love spending it at the Large Hadron Collider- the LHC.

When I was younger I wanted to drive race cars. I still enjoy watching cars at speed, but I think driving a high performance machine is now best left to others. But maybe I’d ride with a driver around a track.

Travel is always fun, but again with the one day limit imposed by this question, the travel time seriously limits distance. I could travel west and cross the date line and extend my day. As long as I don’t have to be back on the day I left, I could continue on to some South Pacific Isle.

I’m a foodie, so a day watching chefs cook and then eating at Restaurant Paul Bocuse would be a grand experience.

Or, I could do one thing I love at home; writing these articles or simply curling up with a great book and reading.

How about you? How would you like to spend your day?

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