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What Individuals Can Do To Improve Race Relations.

What can us as individuals do to improve race relations?

First, I think we all need to stop talking. We all talk way too much! Usually I think, it’s at each other, not to each other.

Then, we need to:

  • stop our aggression toward others.
  • start listening to “other” groups, and learn to seriously respect each other.
  • figure out how we can each become part of the solution.

color blindIndividuals with hostile views of those different from themselves; people with different skin colors, religions, and nationalities have been at odds for well over six thousand years- really throughout all of history. They will always be with us. They will never go away.

We have travelled a great distance since the Civil Rights Act, but still with very far to go.

In my opinion, each of us – that includes all of those aggressive protesters – and authorities -should do an introspective and we truly need to grow beyond who we are. We should all examine our inner selves about how we engage, and how we think about and behave towards others.  Can’t we be polite? Can’t we be respectful?

Shouldn’t we all stop and think about what we are about to say or do before we speak or act?

You have to listen in order to better understand the frustrations and anger of others and that old adage is true, “You don’t learn a thing while you’re talking.”

Better race relationsIf you are the one who is angry, put your anger or frustration aside for the moment. Breath deep. And YOU Listen. It’s your turn.

More of the same aggressive behavior does nothing. Solutions to problems come from peaceful actions to solve them.

This issue, of course, really moves well beyond race, it’s really about ALL of our differences.  

As a nation, we disagree on so many things. Acceptance of others does not mean any of us needs to condone what someone else does that is at odds with our own views or beliefs but must we condemn them for doing it?

I believe we need to be far more tolerant of those different from us, accepting others as they are, and for who they are.

Do Black lives matter? – Of course Black lives matter – but that is only part of all that matters. All of us matter. Every life matters. All lives matter. And think protesters! The infiltration of groups by others with violent agendas hurt that group and its message. Groups need to police themselves.

In conclusion, I very much liked one of the comments I heard on national TV by an American-African minister (we are all Americans first – no more segmentation that divides us.). It concerned the use of the word SOME.

Some people are bad, some police are bad, and some cause suffering. We should not let the some that are bad define the rest of us.

So what are your thoughts on race relations in the United States? What do you think we should do to improve them?









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