Secretary Of State Kerry With The Iranian Negotiators

Is the Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal Good or Bad?

Is the Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal Good or Bad?

Well, let me ask you, “Is something better than nothing?”

Is this agreement REALLY something? Or is it REALLY nothing? There seems to be no question that the nuclear weapons deal is an emotionally charged issue. Sadly it appears to have broken into political sides, rather than what is best for us all and those impacted by the proposal.

This appears to be sides trying to score political points to aid themselves and their party politically.  Some politicians appear determined to throw numerous issues into the bureaucratic quagmire hoping to stall the proposal from going forward. To me it seems rather apparent that further negation with Iran would not likely yield much more in the way of their concessions -perhaps a few, if we kept negotiating for months more, all the while their nuclear program and bad behavior would continue to move forward.

Secretary Of State Kerry With The Iranian Nuclear NegotiatorsTherefore, we have two primary positions to explore. In one, we don’t create a working treaty and Iran goes on just as it has been doing. Where does that get us? Right where we just were. Does it make Israel safer? No. How about anyone else? No.

The sanctions that have existed have not appeared so far to stop Iran from supporting Hezbollah. It has not stopped it from providing weapons to Hamas. It HAS impacted the citizens of Iran. But I am not sure that the average citizen in Iran is necessarily the bad guy. Those images of young people wanting freedom still lives in my memory.

I think it is the government in Iran that is the bad guy and government people there seem to be doing just fine. It sort of reminds me of the hypocrisy of the former Soviet Union. In a “classless society” there sure seemed to be some very well-to-do leaders. Putin today is thought to be worth billions of dollars. So too is the ruling class in Iran. They seem to have plenty of whatever they want.

I suspect strongly that Iran was moving toward developing a nuclear weapon. Does this new agreement stop them from doing so? Hopefully. Not for certain.

This brings us to the second position – even if it does nothing else – it does not prevent Iran from providing weapons to Hamas. It does not stop them from supporting Hezbollah. If it DOES slow or for the time being, STOP them from developing a weapon of mass destruction is it worth it to give the concessions we have proposed for their agreement to alter their course?

If we don’t give up anything and can RETAKE our previous advantage it could work.

The agreement should have included more requirements and restrictions. However, this agreement buys time – perhaps. Perhaps over the next ten years, attitudes in Iran will evolve. People enjoying a better standard of living are less willing to give it up. Therefore, Iran’s citizens won’t want to die in a war any more than any other sane civilization. This agreement does kick the nuclear issue down the road. Lots of change has occurred in the past ten years. We have to hope that lots of forward thinking change occurs in Iran over the next ten. It’s up to us all to try.

Please share your thoughts about the  Iran treaty?


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