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Is Organic Food Worth the Extra Cost? Dangers and Benefits You Wouldn’t Expect.

Is Organic Food Worth the Extra Cost?

Well, that depends.

I always roll my eyes at the term “organic” because until recently science not popular culture defined the word.

Unless you like to eat rocks, all food we eat is organic.


Organic FoodOrganic is defined as anything coming from living things – plants, animals – whatever. You are organic. I am organic. Your dog is organic. Even the person you dislike most is organic.

As with so many words “organic” according to has now been redefined to now mean a food product produced through approved standards. Those standards describe the requirements for that particular food to be labeled USDA Organic. Those standards are available on that site as well.

I have personally seen fruit, specifically avocados and some other produce grown outside the US  with various methods simply dumped into bins with other fruit that is supposed to be organic –  this might have perhaps been accidental – to fill up the bin – yeah, I know the claims that entire groves are “organic” so it is impossible to “mix” one with the other – but growing next to that organic grove is the non-organic grove, and with all that picking and boxing and dumping of fruit into larger containers, I have NO trust in imported organic foods actually meeting requirements. This becomes sort of like whether you believe the Chinese sell unadulterated food products? No? My point exactly.

So how about American growers and their products? I have more confidence that our products are more accurately labeled – although I have suspected an occasional produce clerk of spicing up the departmental profits. Your best bet is to shop at stores that only offer organic produce. Then avoid that grown out of the country unless it doesn’t matter to you. Just wash it off thoroughly with mild soapy water. You should do that anyway. When those pickers come out of the porta-potty many of them head right back to the fields and don’t wash their hands. What they have on their hands ends up on your fruit.

Is produce or other food produced without growth hormones or chemicals better for you than those that are made with them? I have little doubt that they are better for you. Most certainly they are not worse for you.

I never bought regular milk for my kids – so no growth hormones. I notice that a lot of other kids are taller. Was that the reason? I’ll never know, but I tried to do the right thing.

I confess that I don’t always buy organic produce. I shop at stores and hand-pick what I buy. Like I said above, I always use mild soapy water before consumption or cooking.  Buying organic is a personal decision you must make based upon your ability to afford what you buy. Plenty of us still buy produce that is not labeled organic. That doesn’t make it inorganic.

 What are your thoughts about buying organic produce?
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