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Is There Really a New World Order?

Is There Really a New World Order?


You betcha!

But there is more than just one group. The interests of the groups sometimes conflict with each other and their desires are different than you think they are. Their goals are mostly about gaining power by controlling financial assets and people, becoming political ONLY when the outcome would affect them adversely financially. If you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. It’s similar to a giant world size game of RISK. As they gain assets they can control people, steering them this way or that toward their desired outcome. This could be the approval of a merger or the acquisition of a company, or the successful placement of a friend in a position of power. These members – or at least the top few never come into the spotlight. But they control those that are in the spotlight. If you want to know who they are, just ask yourself the next time it happens, who is/are the person(s) most likely to gain from this event.

So what are the long term goals of the groups? Within the group, it’s to be top dog – one of the most powerful people in the world. This also means being one of the richest. Both genders are represented. Members know their place and act accordingly hoping to move up the food chain. Altruism and philanthropy are the giveaways designed to oil the machine and to allow them to move toward their goals. They are always moving toward their goals. Have you noticed that our government has been less inclined to enforce anti-trust laws? Are you surprised by how many big banks have new-world-ordertaken over other banks and your selection of where you bank becomes smaller and smaller. Communications companies have been doing the exact same thing – swallowing up radio stations, broadcast networks and competitors. Your news isn’t what it used to be. The stories told are carefully orchestrated. Watch BBC News sometime or a foreign news program and see some of the stories that were ignored here. In industry after industry this merger acquisition consolidation mania has gone on, and on, and on while we all sit by and watch it happen.

How many vocal opponents have you seen? A few – but not many. When it comes to a shrinking selection and there are few competitors left, it becomes harder to form a monopoly. A recent example was with a large cable company acquisition.


So what is to become of us you ask? The answer is a bit boring. It will be more of the same, I’m afraid. Each year the meetings will continue sometimes in harmony and sometimes in discord, but they go on. They stay fairly but not completely secret, but the outcomes of their desires are right in front of you. There is no reason to become paranoid, as most of this will only affect you tangentially.

What are your thoughts? Who do you believe controls the world?

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