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Legalizing Marijuana. The Pros and Cons.

Legalizing Marijuana?  Like Bill Clinton, I tried it once but I didn’t inhale- okay that’s not true. It wasn’t true for Clinton either.  I will truthfully say, that I haven’t tried it for over 40 years. Yep, seriously.  legalize marijuanaI prefer to keep my brain functioning as clearly as possible. Personally I wish you and others would as well. I think we need all the cognitive skills we can muster.

Lots of government regulations and laws that interfere with our freedom are wrong as far as I am concerned . People should be free to pretty much do whatever they want just as long as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others. I would interpret the word “infringe” strictly.

That means not being seen in public in a state of stupor or operating a vehicle or anything else for that matter. If you are using any substance that impairs your ability- so alcohol as well, even prescription medications- stay home or where you are until you are not under the influence.

State governments see marijuana as a huge revenue source. Our federal government sees it as a controlled substance and does not recognize the difference between medical and recreational use. I think it will be a while before federal regulations relax their classification even if they loosen their enforcement.

Marijuana offers medical benefits to specific users. It helps manage pain. I also have had neighbors- previously mentioned- that allowed a fog of marijuana exhaust to waft over our common fence and envelop me sitting in my yard. What in hell do they have over there, a bonfire? So maybe in an indirect sort of way, I have tried it within 40 years.

Other than exercising personal freedom, for those using marijuana for recreational use, I cannot see any particular pro argument. Even though I like single malt scotch, I’d have to say the same thing about alcohol.

legalize marijuanaCon arguments are plenty, but disappear with personal restraint. Stay out of the public eye, have as little impact on others as possible, behave and stay home.

What thoughts do you wish to share on the pros and cons of marijuana use?

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