Little Things. Why Do They Matter?

We recently had dinner guests and when setting the table, I placed the napkins incorrectly. I had forks, knife and spoon correctly done at each place setting all on a crisp clean table cloth, along with correct Bordeaux wine and water glasses, little thingsbut I failed to take notice of what I had done with the napkins. I was soon corrected. to me it was a one of those little things.

Why did it matter? My younger kids and most Millennials I’ve met seem to not care.  Some might think such little things are trivial or even ridiculous. After all it doesn’t impact the meal- or does it?

Emily Post would have taken issue. So would any restaurant that has any of those chefs we see on TV.

I can remember an early episode of one of those British dramas where they actually used a ruler and measured the distances between utensils,  plates and wine and water glasses.

I thought about it. LITTLE THINGS do  matter. It’s culture. It expresses respect for the guest whether they recognize it or are aware if it or not. DIGNITY counts. A beautifully set table is dignified. It creates an impression of proper manners, and good upbringing. It’s refined. We should all strive to improve who we are.

Sadly, there are many other refinements and traditions we appear to be losing. I still open and hold doors for people, or hold elevators. I open car doors for ladies, I do my best to say please and thank you and be civil and polite. Younger, hurried people brush by me as if I wasn’t even there.

Where has civility gone? The politically involved especially appear to me to be hostile unruly and largely uncivilized.

They lie, cheat, and act out and do whatever suits them. How totally inappropriate. What a very sad place we are rapidly becoming.

Too many people today are rude!

What my mom used to call “rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.”

Why is that?

little things matter, perhaps it is our fault – the parents of America. Were we too self absorbed when our children were growing up to spend the time instructing them on right and wrong?

Or perhaps it is media to blame for presenting stories that glorify ghetto speak and street behavior?

It seems to me that folks in ghettos want to get out and move upscale, yet much of our youth appears to want  just the opposite.  How backwards. It used to be we would say “we’re up for it.” Now they’re “down for it!”

Perhaps it’s government- or people in government not presenting virtuous behavior or maybe having role models like the Kardashians.

What is wrong with acting like that? It’s scripted reality TV. It is total nonsense. It’s not reality. It is for an audience to make MONEY.

We have millions of clones  that think THAT is how they should act.

My suggestion? Think for yourself. How do you wish others to react to who you are? Do you wish to be taken seriously? Or laughed at?

I had mentioned a book in a previous article “Cultural Literacy- What Every American Needs to Know.” It was originally copyrighted in 1984. It is still just as valid.

Read  the book, and grow.

Become a representative that lives the life, walks the walk, and talks the talk, and elevate yourself.

Even better, influence those around you to do likewise. If you are a parent sit down with your children and teach them manners. It’s illegal to litter. Don’t litter the country with your ill behavior.

So your thoughts on all of this?

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