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What Will Mankind’s Evolution Look Like In 250 Years?

Evolution.  What will mankind become In the next 250 years? Physically mankind should look about the same, absent exposure to some deforming event such as a nuclear war.  We could also make some conscious decision to genetically alter our appearances.

Diets may change and depending on our resulting relative health we could be taller, thinner, heavier or smaller.  The world, in which we live will, in all probability, be much changed.

mankind in 250 yearsDepending on the success of our current generation to reduce or slow greenhouse gasses, our world could warm significantly. Some spots may become deserts, Other spots may become cooler.  France and England might even enter a new ice age and dramatically affect the  evolution of mankink.

How is that possible?

The Gulf Stream is a current of salt water that moves up from the Gulf of Mexico, north through the Caribbean and continues up along the eastern coast of the United States. It then curves, heading east from Newfoundland.  Called the North Atlantic Drift, it then crosses the Atlantic Ocean and travels to the coast of France and Great Britain where it keeps the waters warmer off the western coast of France as well as up around Britain. Compare the temperatures at similar latitudes in Canada. They are much colder. The whole process of currents globally is known as the Global Conveyer.

Fresh water melting from Greenland and the northern latitudes of Canada flows into the Atlantic Ocean. When fresh water mixes with salt water, the salt water, being denser, dives below the fresh water. As it does so it cools rapidly, disrupting the Global Conveyer.

In the future, the Gulf Stream will curve east but at lower latitude and as a result no longer warm the coastal areas of France or Britain. Their temperatures will align more closely with areas of Northern Canada at similar latitudes. 

At the same time and unchecked, at current rates of growth, the population of earth in 250 years could approach 16 billion people, more than double our current population, unless birth control is mandated, or we suffer a severe pandemic, or we undergo some other calamity to severely decrease our numbers. Advanced technologies to fight disease may actually contribute to overpopulation.

According to this article in Live Science, with our current ability we can only grow enough food to support about 10 billon people. You can see just one of the massive problems before us. We need to keep our population in check and improve technologies to grow more food. If Northern Europe simultaneously suffers a sever temperature decline, growing food will be more difficult there as well.

Ironically, since many of us in the United States eat far too much.  With less food to eat, at some point, we may actually pass through a balance of calorie restriction that leads to longer lives.

the evolution of mankind250 years in the future is more than enough time for us to discover new and better ways of growing food. Perhaps we will colonize Mars or some other place, and perfect space travel to go great distances.

Knowledge we gain along the way hopefully should allow us to survive and thrive.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of mankind in the next 250 years?


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