Asteroid. Is NASA Going to Mine One or Steer it Away From Striking Earth?

NASA has no intention of commercially mining an asteroid. Neither do the tech billionaires in this article.

asteroid miningThe article is total nonsense! It is subterfuge. It is to hide a government funded black ops program set up under the guise of mining to learn how to manipulate and control or destroy potential earth impact hazards. 

How or why do I say that? It is the only possibility for at least the next 50 years. The payoff to commercially mine an asteroid and return commodities to earth might never exist. 

Who in their right mind would sink a fortune of their own money into a project that would not see any return for 50 years or more and maybe never?

Those tech billionaires will be old men and women by then, possibly even dead. IF there are funds being spent it is your tax dollars being used, NOT theirs. They don’t risk their money like that. 

I have mentioned this before in previous articles – NOTHING can be found on an asteroid- except small scientific samples to be used for earth based research about our planetary origin, that can justify the cost and gargantuan expense of mining. 

ANYTHING you can find on an asteroid can be mined on earth at a millionth or billionth of the cost. 

Asteroids formed from the pre-solar nebula just as did everything else in our solar system. They are a coalescence of small grains, dust and material to form an amalgamation of minerals and elements.  This is the same stuff that formed our planet.

There are some rare meteorites such as the Murchison that contain very early pre solar material. Their importance is largely research based.  You can read about them here.

There are no solid gold, platinum, iridium or rare gem asteroids out there. That is not how asteroids form. By the way, the asteroid belt is on THE OTHER  SIDE of Mars, between Mars and Jupiter. 

IF such a thing existed, and IF it was brought to earths surface with some far future technology, it would ruin the market price of that particular commodity. 

Precious materials are precious because of their rarity. Gold sells for much more than copper because it is so rare. If you add to the world supply and increase the amount of gold to equal that of copper, gold will trade near the price of copper.  To mine it elsewhere and bring it back financially defeats  the purpose of mining it off planet in the first place.

Nor will we find some new exotic yet to be discovered particle. Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider are painfully realizing that now. I anticipated that last year in a previous article as well.

Asteroid strikeThe Scientific American,  August 2016 edition contains an article starting on page 62, “The Seven Year Mission to Fetch 60 Grams of Asteroid“. On page 64 it tells about what it claims to tell you about “the most threatening asteroid known to human kind.” There are others we have yet to be told about that pose an even far greater risk.

Therefore, the answer to your question is No.

No mining.  Use your head. Don’t get duped by government.

In conclusion, using an asteroid some far off day as a supply base for space exploration and to use it as a place for space exploration makes sense after we have advanced way beyond our current technology. 

What are your thoughts on mining in space?

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