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If You Are A Newborn Here Is My Advice!

What advice would I give a newborn baby?

None at all.

For a newborn?  The questioner is really asking something else entirely- such as “what sage advice would you give a youth to help them in their journey through life?” That answer is below.

Given a newborn’s level of cognitive ability, and the inability to understand or comprehend language, the original question as stated is meaningless.

sage advice for newbornsOf course levels limiting understanding continue well past infancy. The problem with sage advice is that to the young person to whom it is directed, it isn’t coming from a sage.  The old person wisdom is often regarded as blather.  Someone regarded as out of touch with current technology and thinking.

Therefore, the value of advice is proportional to the ability of the listener to comprehend it the way the speaker intended it.  If we presume that the speaker offered profound wisdom- the messages carries no weight if the listener fails to recognize its authenticity. If the listener lacks life experience, they may not understand the message in context,


We are experiencing a calamity in our nation where most things new are regarded as better than that which it replaces. Therefore, older technology, older knowledge, older techniques, older anything, no matter how well it works, needs to be replaced.

As often as not, that assumption turns out not to be true. “Older” often incorporates decades of trial and error. It often is the culmination of millions of mistakes and trials to derive a proper answer to a difficult, sometimes what appears impossible equation.

Don’t misunderstand – I favor new technology, and innovation, and the evolution of all we have.  When the new invigorates the old in  medicine, engineering, science, and health we greatly benefit..

I don’t believe in tossing out what works just because it is not new.

What sage advice would I give a youth to help them in their journey through life?

newborn adviceAlways work and study very hard and learn much. Always think before you act or speak. Learn to trust your instincts. Always treat others with respect. Be kind to all living things and respect life. Don’t believe all you hear or read. Always think for yourself, don’t let others do it for you. Try to leave our world a better place than what it was when you entered it.

So what are your thoughts on sage advice to give to a newborn or a young person?



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