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Do I Have Old Fashioned Ideas?

To some degree, yes, and my ideas may sound a bit like a conservative version of Andy Rooney. If you don’t know who he is look him up.ideas like andy rooney

I promote science in all forms, I believe in developing technology to its fullest, I want us to perfect space travel and colonization. I hope we find cures for diseases and can find out how to extend life. I’d love more solutions to global climate change, although all of you know I favor molten salt reactors now until fusion can be developed.

I don’t favor FADs – those  methods such as wind turbines or solar cells that pollute like crazy to make and destroy. They do as much harm as they help. So do electric cars. A power plant likely has to use fossil fuel to generate that electricity to charge your car! Why not just use a natural gas car? (it’s so that liberal special interests can now make money)  Just wait until they start disposing of batteries- tons  of pollutants and toxic chemicals!

I also want to find ways of helping third world populations to create a better world for themselves.

I am in favor of population control ; it’s the only hope for the third world

Contraception is key.  I do respects a woman’s right to chose to a point- but not beyond 6 weeks-

Also, I want my car alternator repaired not replaced, I think it’s ridiculous to design something to just throw away rather than fix and reuse. I don’t favor new, just because it’s new, nor do I discount the old just because it is old.

ideasMy younger son is a Millennial. He has the idea that new is always better. He also discounts most of my ideas and viewpoints. Sometimes he’s right. And sometime he isn’t.

Every older generation has had to deal with “new stuff”. I think it’s great and I love most if it. I have even invented and had patented several items, myself.  

My peeve ?  I do think it’s crazy to buy something new and be told in a year or two they no longer make a replacement part.

Politically I’m moderate. I think all sides have valid ideas. I don’t favor decisions that have eternal repercussions. To arrive there I believe we need to proceed very slowly. Immigration is such an issue. I favor immigration with very select percentages of each group under consideration each year- never permitting too many of any one group.

My goal is to keep us as a melting pot, never allowing any incoming group the ability to someday takeover and exert their will.

By culture some groups have lots of children and grow at very fast rates. That is there right. My right is to vote to  allow fewer of them in to make up for it.

Let’s hope we learn to accept each other and act more graciously toward each other. I support the Millennials right to protest but not to disrupt or damage anyone’s property. Then it’s time for jail.

I like the US as it is. I don’t like Communists, or socialists, or right wing , wing dings!

You are welcome to disagree and if you do please write and tell us why.

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