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Why We Should Postpone the Olympics Because of the Zika Virus.

Should the Olympics be postponed because of the Zika virus?

In my opinion absolutely- or better- moved to a safer location. Perhaps spread the venues around to other South American countries. There is still time to do this. 

To put the worlds best athletes in harms way is to Brazilian Olympicsme, ludicrous. To put the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of spectators in such peril is the most stupid decision I have ever seen on behalf of any organizing group anywhere. 

It is possible to eradicate the mosquito- see the most recent edition of The Smithsonian Magazine 

Believe it or not people are arguing about the ethics of killing off the species that carries  Zika (aedes aegypti) and Zikathe one that carries malaria (anopheles gambiae). Plenty of other mosquito species can carry on, bite and annoy us, and serve as food for birds, etc. OF COURSE you kill them off and save human lives in Africa, and around the world. 

Our world has gone nuts! Environmentalists exhibit little common sense in their zeal to save our world. 

Animal activists would rather see humans die than some animal. 

California politicians would rather save a small fish or try to restart salmon runs and deprive farmers of the water needed to grow crops- all of this nonsense has gone too far- like a decision rendered from an immature child. Emotional poppycock!

Millions of species have gone extinct long before the arrival of man. Extinction happens. 

If we don’t start demonstrating common sense we might be the ones going extinct. That’s probably okay with human hating environmentalists – but certainly not me. 

The cost to the world of transporting Zika virus around the world will be HUGE. If Zika cannot be diminished to the point of eradication before people are potentially exposed in Brazil, then people of child bearing age should change their plans and not attend.

I realize that Brazil wants the money and prestige from hosting the Olympics. If Brazil was being physically attacked by terrorist groups we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The games simply would not happen in Brazil. Zika might not kill it’s victim but the far reaching effects on our worlds children will be far more serious. 

There are some situations when we must all put down our foot and say no.

This is one of those times.

So what are your thoughts on what, if anything, should be done with Zika and the Brazil Olympics?

One thought on “Why We Should Postpone the Olympics Because of the Zika Virus.

  1. The Rio Olympic Games are in full-swing, so your incredibly stupid idea is already too late. BTW, don’t expect to ever get a penny from me, Dumber Than Dirt.

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