What is Wrong With People Today?

What is Wrong with People Today?

That depends. From whose perspective ?

There are so many more of us today than there were just 40 years ago. That means many more people to try and to fail, to be angry, frustrated, violent, greedy, selfish, OR benevolent, caring, or philanthropic. We also have the ability to watch that attempt in real time and in hundreds of places – something we never had 40 years ago. Our information access makes things more obvious to us than ever before. The failure /success rate, the violence, the agony of people as a percentage of the population is not much different now than then – but the AWARENESS of it is.

You are simply more aware of the decisions of others then you used to be. They went on. They were sometimes just as foolish. But you didn’t know about them.

What is wrong with people today?Change can be a difficult issue with which to deal. Depending on your age, you are likely to approach and try to solve different problems in many different ways. The approach of a young person, especially from the frame of reference of an older person might seem to make little or no sense at all. That is probably because we view it from our framework. In our past we have had to deal with many different problems at different times in our lives.

Some issues we have had to confront perhaps many times. More than likely we have failed at several tasks. Maybe we had results turn out to be something different that that we would have wished it to be.

I would bet that at that time, some still older person would have looked at what you were doing and scratched their head and thought your path to be foolish or nonsensical. We have something the younger person likely has not had – experience. Experience to try and to fail is a very valuable thing. The important thing is to continue trying different approaches and not to give up.

BUT that young person has something you don’t likely have – they haven’t been told that a particular path will fail, so they try it. They think outside the box. What they will discover is that some of the pathways closed to you are open to them, so they take different pathways. They have a new perspective, and although different from yours, it is just as valid

So next time you become frustrated with a person or the news, or someone you know just draw a deep breath. Smile. Ask if you can offer advice, and if they say, “No.” just accept and go about your business. As for the rest of the world? It’s outside your influence more than likely. The best thing you can do is to be a good example.

What do you think is wrong with people today?

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