President Donald Trump. What Would That Look Like?

By now we have all heard Donald Trump make comments on any of a number of people and topics.

Face it, many have been rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. However, between some of those lines have been honest, direct and to the pointed comments and personal views which find agreement in a large contingent of his followers.

Donald J. TrumpTrump has clearly touched upon the nerves of half of voters. They like him, or if they don’t like him, they dislike Hillary Clinton enough to vote against her by voting for him.

We have also seen and heard Trumps grown children speak eloquently and impress us with their candor, speaking ability and level of sophistication.

What accounts for the wide separation in our perceptions? Why does Trump appear how he is, and his kids the way they are? The clues are right in  front of you.

Clearly raising children takes enormous effort, love, compassion. and patience. Trump’s  kids grew up in a household that emphasized  strong character, honesty and integrity.  If that was not so, his kids would not manifest it.

So even if you fail to see those characteristics in Donald Trump, they exist never the less. The evidence of their presence is apparent all around him.

In science,  we cannot see a black hole directly but we know they are present because of their gravitational influence. Trump is their star. He creates their gravity.

Trump has no direct government service even if he has interacted with government. This is true. Does that matter?

Obama too had very little experience when he became President. About half of you out there feel he has done a decent job.

We are faced with wondering will every future President always have to be pulled from the ranks of career politicians- the very people we appear to loathe? Is that what we want?

Will we never give just one of us a chance because we aren’t part of the machine? THAT is what the Sanders and Trump dissension  has been about- trying to move away from the status quo of Washington politics. Any non politician by definition will lack direct government leadership experience.

Clearly a non politician brings a new perhaps naive view to the job. Oddly some of our greatest scientific and engineering accomplishments have come from people who pushed ahead because no one had told them they couldn’t succeed.- and hence not knowing they couldn’t  succeed – they did succeed.

Thinking outside the box can be a very good thing.

So would the Donald Trump we know from TV, actually bring in great people to be on his cabinet and, with mentoring from others familiar with government protocol, fashion an effective government? He is convinced he can.

If he is elected and if he can really renegotiate some of our past agreements and make them better for us, as Americans, that is a good thing. If he cannot renegotiate them, we find ourselves right where we currently find ourselves. No better but no worse.

I believe global trade is a necessity for world peace and prosperity. Prosperous people don’t want war.

Donald Trump - PresidentBy contrast angry, frustrated people often act in anger rather than logically.  I believe to be a successful leader, Trump will need to rethink many of the comments he has made.

That is part of growth. Every President grows into the job. Every President HAS grown into the job.

I do not buy into the rhetoric of Trumps enemies. I do not think a Trump presidency would be disastrous. It would be different.  

What are your thoughts on a Trump presidency? Next up – what would a Hillary presidency be like?

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