Trump Promises

President Trump. Will He Do This Or Will He Do That?

I get asked a lot of political questions and I hate answering them.  Commenting on President Trump (Elect) epitomizes my feelings on political questions.

That’s  because the question usually imparts a bias towards a particular answer.  Frankly, none of us have a way to know what will or won’t happen.

Campaign promises such as free college for all are just that. There simply is not a  way to pay for it without sacrifice something else such as our military defense system. That can’t work. Candidates knew it was a false promise but it bought votes.

Trump Promises

I abhor false promises. They are dishonest which reflects badly on the giver. Maybe if politicians became personally at risk for their blather they would phrase things much more carefully.

I was asked if a President Trump would fulfill his promises. My answer would be, based on probabilities, some, but not others. It’s a safe stance. It has always proven to be true.

No, Obama didn’t close Guantanamo,

trump immigration promises

However, so what. It might prove to be a good thing that he didn’t. It depends on if we arrest some evil creep and we don’t want to risk detaining him within the borders of our country.

My major concern is more about a President not causing grave harm, such as happened under the latter George Bush.

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson made some stupid decisions that led to a financial catastrophe. Bush appointed him.

Bush’s  head of the SEC, Christopher Cox, 2005-2009, failed to prevent massive corporate and bank fraud.

Obama appointed Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary who “forgot” to file his taxes. Seriously?

Trump tax promises

Obamas Cabinet was like a revolving door.

Will Trump succeed? Will he do as promised? Who knows but Trump, and my suspicion is that he doesn’t know the answers to those questions yet either.

We had better hope he does! He is the leader of our country for at least the next four years. You had better wish him well!

What are your thoughts on elected President Trump? Will he keep his promises?

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