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Most Prized Possessions. What Are They? Museums?

I treasure my family most, of course,  but people are not possessions, though we do say my son or my wife or my museums - prizesdaughter.  I have always loved museums and teaching and learning. My one issue with museums is that most of the objects are locked in display cases to see but not touch or hold- understandably since they are fragile and valuable.

I decided early on to have my own museum, sort of speak, where my children could touch and study objects up close. They could hold them in their hands and learn about them. My goal was to make natural history, and history come alive for them.

I selected to legally acquire archaeological pieces that were from estate collections, authenticated, and from important periods in history.

The person who made each thing would have been aware of the historical figures of their time and likely involved in the events taking place, even if no more than as a spectator.

Fortunately I have some from the beginning of human advancement up through the last century. I collected manuscripts, old maps, first edition books, and art. I have pottery, amphora, and statues.

But I also have a dinosaur skeleton albeit small, and I collect meteorites.

These are items offered to museums but in which they had only modest interest.

Museums with touchMuch is donated to them each year from estates.   Many are over their heads in items and don’t want more. Sadly much is stored away never to be seen by the public.

So I am the custodian for these pieces during my life.  Afterwards I will pass them on to others to hold.

I love many of them because they reflect human culture at its best and its advancement.  It is our connection with the past.

What about you? What interesting items do you have? Please share your thoughts.

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