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What is Our Purpose In Life?

What is Our Purpose in Life ? On a strictly biological level, our purpose on this planet is to reproduce ourselves and to continue the existence of humankind into an unknown future.

We can surmise this because that is exactly what nature has been doing on earth for billions of years. Merely reproducing, however, is not nearly enough, to guarantee survival. The first animals that moved from the sea onto land did so around 374 – 359 million years ago. They were tetrapods called Ichthyostega. But they and most of the species that have lived on earth since then have long ago gone extinct.  They exist now only as fossils– there are many more extinct species than those that survive today. Our purpose is to survive

IOur purpose in life hope someday to see the massive movement of animals in what is known as Africa’s Great Migration.  I want to see  millions of wildebeests, zebras, gazelles and other game animals on their annual move. In search for water and food resources they move across Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara . In the process, many die and serve as food for carnivores that lie and wait for them. This natural ritual has been going on for millions of years. For a wildebeest or a zebra, life does not change much. Their life basically is a quest to avoid being eaten, to find adequate food and water, to locate a mate and to make more zebras. Repeat. Our purpose in life is more than just making more of ourselves

What differentiates us as humans from the other living occupants on our planet is that we alone have advanced problem solving skills. Our wonderful brains have allowed us to view problems that to other living things would seem insurmountable, if they even recognized them at all. Our purpose in life is to solve problems.

As a species we have the power of choice.   Mostly because of where they live, some people have fewer choices than those more fortunate, but even then they can still decide to take the initiative to try to change their circumstances. Humans alone can visualize their future and move toward it altering behavior to help us succeed. We can recognize trends and the cause and effect of what we do, and make decisions on where we go, our path to get there and who we want to be. Our purpose in life is to choose the path of our future.

You might see a wildebeest fend off a predator to save its young, but you probably won’t see it endanger itself to go back to help an animal at the back of the herd. Our purpose in life is to help others.

Each of us can be just and compassionate, or we can choose to become self- absorbed and to think only of ourselves. In a previous blog I wrote that I feel we should strive to leave our planet a better place than it was when we came into existence. Our purpose in life is to advance our world.

How do we do that? Though we live in freedom, freedom is not free. We all have an obligation to society. We also have an obligation to ourselves to strive to make the most of who we are or can become. For those with the talent to create or invent, their purpose in life is also to go create and invent.

For the rest of us, aspire to become someone who makes a positive difference in the lives of others. Start at your own level. Go to school, or take a course and work to master the knowledge placed right in front of you. Read, and learn. Share what you learn.

Your purpose in life is to have a purposeful life.  Strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


What do you think?


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