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Raising the Minimum Wage. What Will it Accomplish? Cost?

What will raising the minimum wage accomplish? Or Cost?

Long term- there will be more unemployment of the unskilled and inflation in prices of fast food and low end consumer goods, and a lower standard of living for many of those who can not afford it.

How do I know? Because I co-own a business and we don’t get an increase in dollars through the door just because we pay more money to our workers.

Something has to happen. They (the workers) need to work harder and get money in to make up for the extra dollars we minimum wage increasewill have to pay out and keep us at least where we are, or we can’t keep them or we close. Then they all lose their jobs. Our biggest expense is labor and benefit cost.

If we can’t afford it neither can others that own small businesses. Small business will suffer. Just watch. If I am wrong this time- I will write that I am wrong. I don’t anticipate that.

Just like what happened the last time they raised the minimum wage. The benefit to minimum wage earners lasted a short time and then it wasn’t enough. Everything rose in price. We’re here- AGAIN. It didn’t work.

It’s stupid! It’s purely political! The ones who stand to lose the most are the unskilled poor.

How do I know? Why do I say this? As I said, just look at our past.

[newsletter_lock} By the way, the Department of Labor disagrees with my assessment (I believe in airing others viewpoints). Of course they get paid from my taxes not from producing a product. They live off of the work of others. Small businessmen didn’t participate in writing their answer.


Know what? I disagree with THEIR assessment. Why? It’s flawed. Their responses are totally irrelevant to the question. It’s politically motivated by the very people that helped cause the problem. What else would they say?

Because we invent and create we can grow our population, and still have our economy get bigger and produce more. Jobs are created, and people receive more dollars but IF YOU INFLATION ADJUST the dollar- what it now buys and compare it, it’s a whole other story.

Most of us made fewer dollars in 1970, but with FAR more buying power in times past. Where did the inflation come from? Wages, and materials, taxes and government.

Are the unskilled poor now paid a living wage? No. Why? Because the cost of EVERYTHING went up at each step of the process the last time to pay everyone along the way more money.

Should the unskilled poor be paid a living wage? No, they shouldn’t.
Not in my opinion.

Why? The work they do is not worth the money for the TYPE of work that they do.

If you are unskilled what should you do about it? Humm- how about LEARN A SKILL? Get trained to do something.

Drive a truck, become a trash man, start your own gardening service, or pool service, work for Cal Trans, do road maintenance, or building maintenance become a plumber an electrician, climb cell towers, go to a technical school and get trained for something that is compatible with your abilities-do something.

If you work at McDonalds you shouldn’t earn enough to own a house, own a car, and put your kids through college. Sorry.

There is not much talent needed to work there. I know. How? Because I worked there. I also worked at Taco Bell, and a pizza place. Those are starter jobs not careers.

What if it isn’t fair? Too bad. Life isn’t fair. Take responsibility for yourself instead of expecting others or government to do it.

Feel free to disagree. We love to hear what you think and why you believe it. Please write us.


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